Val Saint

I was tapped to create a visual identity as well as some photographs to showcase the new collection from Val Saint, a European online retailer and fashion producer. The project included specialist photography with two models as well as video and design work.

Launch Project

Launch Project


Val Saint LLC.

A video promoting the brand. I shot this with a handheld Canon EOS 5D Mark II and edited in Adobe Premiere. The model is Alexandra from Mur Models.

Below you will find product detail shots to showcase the level of packaging and branding used.

The basic logo design was applied to seals as well, to give the product a sense that it’s a collectible.

Birch was used to construct the product boxes. These are used to ship various purses and such products.

Linen and silk cloths protect the product from the box lining.

Gold hues and embossed lettering.

The packaging of the products was very important.

Warranty information, user cards and more are supplied with each purchase.

The pearls have their very own personalized pouch.

Shooting the models didn’t turn out to be that difficult. It was a three day shoot with various locations including Sibiu and Sinaia in Romania.