Gustav Klimt & Kunstlerkompagnie

To celebrate the anniversary of 150 years since Gustav Klimt’s birth, I was again tapped to help produce an art catalogue, photograph and establish marketing for a temporary exhibition. I again took the lead role in establishing a voice and a brand for the project. In the end, it turned out wonderfully. It was the most anticipated exhibition in Romania in 2012.

Launch Project

Launch Project


Muzeul National Peles

The first promo video for the exhibition.

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The second video used to promote the exhibition.

The poster for the exhibition.

A video showcasing the exhibition.

To establish a mood, I enlisted the use of another model which helped project the elegance that is Gustav Klimt’s work. This was subsequently used as the poster for the exhibition and the cover image for the catalogue.

Various images were produced for print-ads that ran nationally. This one say “Are you melting for Klimt? There’s only 30 days left…”

The superman scene but taken to a different level. Here we have a business man taking off his shirt to reaveal that he’s secretly an art lover… a Klimt lover. The tagline reads: “Get ready for the exhibition of the year…”

The fact that she is naked… yeah.

To showcase the fact that, as souvenirs, people could buy canvas prints of various Klimt artworks, I made this promo which reads: “Cant get enough of Klimt? Take him home [in a doggy bag].”