Consiliul de Coroana

I was again tapped by the Peles National Museum to produce a new art catalogue to showcase the 100 year anniversary of the Crown Council of 1914 which decided that Romania should NOT enter World War I, thus remaining neutral.

This was mainly a design job, few photographs were needed as the event, which happened in 1914, did not last more than two hours and — naturally — nobody took any pictures. But the event has to be remembered, and the people that attended have their own stories, which were told through the means of this catalogue.

Launch Project

Launch Project


Muzeul National Peles

The poster and logo for the exhibition came about after little discussion with the curators. The symbol of a plaque with King Carol I in its center was quickly adopted as a centerpiece for the poster, and the typeface was naturally going to be Trajan since… it looks serious enough. I made sure to add a recreation of the Romanian Crown since this was the Crown Council after all. The writing below it just harkens more to the fact that it’s been 100 years since the event.

The full catalogue.

Video of the exhibition opening.

Advertisement for the exhibition.

To make sure I caught people’s attention with this exhibition, I made some ads in the style of World War I posters. The first one (above) is a mock-up of a newspaper discussing the Crown Council. The rest (below) ask people to fight or wether Romania should join the war. The tag-line I used was “Would YOU sign?” (would you join the war or not?)

Translation: Don’t fight! The Crown Council takes place on the 3rd of August* at the Peles Castle.
* – 100 years ago. The Peles National Museum invites you to the anniversary exhibition.

Translation: The Crown Council. What road will you choose in the Great War? Romanians! You are at a crossroad. Romania -> Antanta, Neutrality, The Central Powers. You’ll get all the information needed at the Peles National Museum recruitment office starting August 3rd, 2014.

Translation: Romania goes to war! Or not. The Central Powers, Antanta or neutrality? Find out at the Crown Council on August 3rd 1914 at the Peles Castle.

To spice up promotions and the exhibition itself, I took a couple of photographs of the King’s old wearables (pocket watch, cigarette holder and pen) and of the desks he used throughout the castle.

As always, thanks for looking through my work. Be sure to comment or contact me if you have any thoughts.