Art Nouveau – 110 Ani in Romania

I was once again asked to take center stage in preparing, photographing and designing every aspect of the catalogue and exhibition, including its marketing. The first step I took was to design a logo that would subsequently be applied to everything: catalogues, t-shirts, bags, souvenirs, posters and even print ads.

Launch Project

Launch Project


Muzeul National Peles

The first logo had a more Harry Potter feel to it.

Although this version, close to the final one, proved popular with the curators, I did not think the image was needed to convey the Art Nouveau aspect. It’s like saying “art noveau” twice. Kind of like the Ferrari LaFerrari

The final logo, here in white on a red background.

Before even getting to designing the catalogue, or taking pictures of various artworks for it, I had the task to start the marketing campaign. We needed to create buzz way before the actual opening so I took to Facebook and scouted a wonderful young model from Suceava named Oliviana Borsa. She agreed to pose for the publicity shots.

The tagline reads: “it’s time to give up old styles”.

The tagline reads: “discover the elegance of the 1900s”

Although things were going well by now, I had the daunting task of assembling the photographs, texts and other things needed for the art catalogue, which had by now swelled up to a staggering 276 pages. It was over twice the size of any such publication ever undertaken by the Peles National Museum. And it hasn’t been surpassed since.

The promotional video I shot with Oliviana Borsa, the model selected for this exhibition.

A promo video for the exhibition.

Here you can browse through the entire catalogue. All 276 pages of it.

The poster used for the exhibition.

The design for the poster was pretty straight-forward. I had stumbled upon this specific area in the castle and I unknowingly snapped a photo. Later on, looking through my albums, I found it and thought it would make for an amazing poster. I went back and assembled the image… moved the furniture around, added the crystal vase in the middle and turned the various lamps on. Little details like the letter holder on the left and the sculpture on the right made this one of my most successful posters ever.

An illustration variant I made of the poster, complete with our model Oliviana Borsa, was picked up for national publication.

Finally, I will leave you with additional images of the model as well as some rough photographs from the shoot for the catalogue. Thanks for looking through my work.