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Let Men Burn Stars

What happened to humanity? Where is my working jet-pack and my flying car? The Jetsons, NASA and pretty much every science fiction writer living in the 1960s made it clear that flying cars were just around the corner. They said that in the year 2000 we would be able to walk into the nearest dealership and drive off with Chevrolet’s newest brand of flying automobile. And we believed them. The ’60s were really that good.

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Pop, Girls, Etc.

Well, I guess it’s time I did something like this. Blogging as a whole is pretty stupid, I agree. And the people who do it have way more free time than the suckers who read the posts. And let’s not forget the self-entitlement of the bloggers who think their mundane everyday shit is worth publishing. But hey, it’s only costing me some hosting and I’ve been paying for that (and not using it) for years. My free time is also very limited so why not waste it by writing incoherently about things so obscure that even the vagrants of the smallest corner of the Internet would find them boring. This beats playing online chess, so it’s a start.

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