About Me

alexandru duta at omaha beach

First off, who am I, right? Right now I’m a professor of Geostrategy and Geopolitics at the Political Science School at West University Timisoara. I was born in Bucharest, Romania and currently live in Timisoara, Romania. I also like to design stuff, usually things that work on the web or things you can print. In the past, I’ve been employed by the Peles National Museum for design, sysadmin work and lots of PR. Over time, I got into the habit of writing, mostly articles and reviews, thanks to having opinions and usually knowing how to articulate them. I’ve been known to take pictures. Lots of them. So many that I’ve been published by Taschen, Harper’s Bazaar and some photographs have been featured by Cartier and the Grand Palais museum in Paris.

I used to do freelance work but thanks to a hectic schedule and commitments to my students, I stopped doing that. And while I may take up a project or two, I don’t take on any unsolicited work so please don’t ask.


Graphic Design

I design art catalogs for museums. And posters. And maybe a logo or two. And anything you can print, really. Like advertisements.


I have an eye for the abstract and a love of art. My photographs have been published by Cartier, Taschen and Harper’s Bazaar.

Web Design & Development

I design and develop websites. I usually fashion them out of clay and let them bake in a kiln until they are perfect. Then I add the magic ingredient: code.

Technical Writing

I’ve written FAQs, reviews, tons of articles and even a highly technical book about the intricacies of late period Art Nouveau art.